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The Novel cosmetic vacuum cleaner is Ideal, efficient and advanced model of filtration and purification technology. It was designed and developed with purpose to allow cosmetic treatments such as manicure and pedicure, to be made on a clean and healthy environment. It was developed especially for a large workload.

  • Unique filtration system- The Novel Model has 5 different filters enabling maximum filtration and air purification. Breathing is one of the few things that the body does without us even thinking about it. The cosmetic Vacuum is here to assure the air we breathe in the beauty salon is cleaner and healthier. It collects the dust and dirt by soaking any fragments and dust created in the process of beauty treatments such as Manicure and Pedicure.

  • Mobile and Easy- 2.75" Inch diameter air hose without the need for a support arm. It comes with a remote control that easily helps you wireless control the pumping power and all you need. 4 beautiful tube colors are available (Black Tube, Pink Tube, Blue Tube and White Tube) to assure you will find the one that fits to your beauty salon concept.

  • Technical Information:

Diameter: 15.75"

Height: 15.75"

Weight: 38.5 Lb

Air flow: M-3/h 435

Noise: 52 db

Filter blocks: Contains 5 round filters.

Efficiency: 99.97%

input voltage: 120V

Output: 420W

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

4 Wheels with brakes.

1 Remote controller.



The Novel Cosmetic Vacuum will upgrade your beauty salon, the only question is who will be more happy- you or your customers?

Our Novel cosmetic vacuum is an advanced vacuum cleaner and is unique by its tremendous soaking power that will leave your work station clean from any dust and fragments. By doing that it will save you a lot of time that you waste today for cleaning your work table during an appointment and of course in between.

Your clothes will also remain free of nail dust and you will not have to shake up every time you get up!

It has an advanced filter system that filters the air you breathe in a rate of 99.97%.

As a pro nail tech, you breath all day long odors like acetone and acrylic chemicals.  The filter eliminates those odors and harmful effects and the air you breath becomes much healthier. 

The design is super cute and has multiple tube colors to choose from (Black/White/Pink/Blue), It comes with a pedicure adjustment, it is silent (52 db), mobile, easy to use and absolutely revolutionized our client’s life and their client's life as well. 


Vacuum Cleaner for Manicure & Pedicure NOVEL Model

$1,736.00 Regular Price
$1,215.20Sale Price
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