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  • The CV1 cosmetic vacuum cleaner is the most efficient and advanced model of filtration and purification technology. It was designed and developed especially for a large workload.

  • Unique filtration system- The CV1 Model has 5 different filters enabling maximum filtration and air purification. Breathing is one of the few things that the body does without us even thinking about it. The cosmetic Vacuum is here to assure the air we breathe in the beauty salon is cleaner and healthier. It collects the dust and dirt by soaking any fragments and dust created in the process of beauty treatments such as Manicure and Pedicure.

  • Mobile and Easy- 3" diameter air hose without the need for a support arm. It comes with a remote control that easily helps you control all you need. 4 beautiful tube colors are available (Black Tube, Pink Tube, Blue Tube and White Tube) to assure you will find the one that fits to your beauty salon concept.

Technical Information:

Dimensions 16"*14"*10" Inch

Weight 28.5 lb.

Air flow filter 99.97%

Input 230V

Output 200W

Frequency 50-60 Hz

Noise 48 db.



The CV1 vacuum cleaner is Ideal for neutralizing hazardous chemical odors and vapors emitted during the hair straightening process.

Activated charcoal filter specially designed for maximum air purification in the work process.

The hairdresser's model is advanced and efficient model for filtering air up to 99.97%.

The cosmetic vacuum CV1 cleaner contains a large activated charcoal filter for neutralizing and purifying the air and gases and vapors as dangerous chemicals that harm the health of employees and customers.

This is the most effective model for maintaining yours and your customers' health. 


Vacuum Cleaner for Hairdressers Salon CV1 Model

$1,560.00 Regular Price
$1,092.00Sale Price
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